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Feb 28, 2016 ... [1] Often, a few tonnes of liquid steel and slag is left in the furnace in order to .... [1] Arc furnaces differ from induction furnaces in that the charge material is .... [11] The only waste that a plasma converter can''t break down is heavy ..... of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, is estimated to be about 12.4 million...

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A blast furnace is a type of metallurgical furnace used for smelting to produce industrial metals, ... The end products are usually molten metal and slag phases tapped from the bottom, and ..... a "...

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Recycling of metals reduces waste generation and therefore ... recycled by using melting techniques such as arc melting and induction melting. ... charging in vacuum furnace difficult because of the inaccessibility of the melt zone. ... At Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory (DMRL), Hyderabad, India, electroslag.

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Apr 30, 2007 ... according to furnace type, fuel, metal to be melted and melting characteristics. ... cover extraction for induction furnaces to reduce fugitive emissions. .... waste, slag, and sand waste, with due consideration of site geological and ..... Government of India Ministry of Environment & Forests, Central Pollution.

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Analysis of Induction Furnace Slag of Ferrous Foundry. M. V. Deshmukh. 1 ... Government College of Engineering, Amravati – 444604 [M.S.] India. 2. Jadhao Steel ... Ferrous foundries generate a large amount of waste. The Indian foundry...

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automobiles, at home and abroad, has put Indian steel industry on the global map. ... pollution, depending upon the kinds of furnace in use and the kinds of energy inputs that they use. Foundry ... Electric induction furnaces are used to melt iron and .... dust). • Dust collector and scrubber waste. • Slag. • Miscellaneous waste.

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Mar 2, 2007 ... To minimize exposure to high power rates, induction melters should optimize ... Properly managing the furnace lid is critical to energy savings. ... Use clean scrap — Dirty charge materials waste a tremendous amount of energy ... Remove slag more quickly — It is also important to reduce the time needed to...

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mild steel by Induction Furnace route was mastered by Indian Technicians. .... 6) Waste Heat: The surface of the molten metal bath is exposed to atmosphere. ... 7) Slag : During the operation of electric induction melting furnaces, non metallics...

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Contaminated metal waste represents a considerable storage volume as well as a .... An induction furnace is an AC electric furnace in which the primary conductor generates, ... Induction melting permits, but does not require the use of a slag. ..... Materials from Irradiated Nuclear Fuels", ICCN 91, Bombay, India, (1991).

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Abstract - Now a days in India induction furnace steel melting ... This is achieved by using synthetic slag (LD slag) and DRI in ..... of plant waste like LD slag.

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Jul 15, 2016 ... Significant quantities of sludge and slag are generated as waste .... slag, used in blast furnace at Bhilai Steel Plant, India was therefore discontinued due to .... in the flue dust sample carried out by induction coupled plasma.

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Sand for Concrete From Steel Mills Induction Furnace Waste Slag For the last 20 ... much slag is being generated by about 600 induction furnace units of India.

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briquetted iron (HBI) in Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) and Induction Furnace (IF) units. In ... (gangue) are separated as slag (single largest solid waste generated in a steel plant). 1Dy. ... Solid Waste generation in Indian vis-à-vis International Steel.

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Associates. Best Practice Guide for the Foundry Sector of India. 2 ..... The choice between arc furnace or coreless induction furnace normally depends on the.

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The annual production of iron and steel in India is around 80 million tonnes and it consumes over 46 Mtoe of energy .... furnace and Induction furnace routes respectively. In 2009 .... Other EE options such as Waste Heat Recovery (WHR), ...... Figure 20: Slag Rate, Gas Volume, Gas CV and SEC variation with Plant Type .

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Aug 1, 2014 ... type of waste, and to preservation of aggregate normally taken from nature ... Presently, the total steel production in India amounts to approximately ... focuses solely on the use of the electric induction furnace slag in concrete.

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Former Head, Environmental Policy, Confederation of Indian Industry. Dr. G.K. Pandey ..... Table 3-1: Approximate Share of EAF & Induction Furnace (%) in total Crude Steel Production (in thousand ... Table 3-5: Emission / Waste Generation .

Sand For Concrete From Steel Mills Induction Furnace Waste Slag

Sand For Concrete From Steel Mills Induction Furnace Waste Slag ... calculated how much slag is being generated by about 600 induction furnace units of India.

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Jun 1, 2010 ... Whereas the Parliament of India has set out to provide a practical ... Section 3A Melting characteristics of DRI in ( induction furnace ) .... steel making operation through its effect on slag ..... excessive quantities of waste gas.